Sterling Marine Welcomes MOHAI To SLU

After multiple years of planning and construction, MOHAI has finally opened its doors to the public. The newly renovated museum has incorporated both Seattle history and global in their exhibits.  After its opening on December 29th, they have had more than 20,000 visitors which is approximately a third of their average yearly visits. Exhibits currently displayed include “Waterways to the World” which highlights artifacts dating as far back as the WWII era.

The opening of this museum also marks a milestone for surrounding organizations such as the Center for Wooden Boats. As a small non-profit, the increased foot traffic will improve their number of visitors.

As a proud supporter of The Center for Wooden Boats and MOHAI, as well as a contractor on the Lake Union Park construction project, we are excited to see these organizations thrive and hope to be a part of their legacy.

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