Sterling Milfoil Removal, A New Division of Sterling Marine

Seattle, WA (March 16, 2013) – Sterling Marine Services has opened a division of Sterling Marine to provide aquatic weed control services to the Pacific Northwest.  Sterling Milfoil Removal (SMR) will provide aquatic weed control services. Leading this division is Susan Hines-Elzinga, a managing member of Sterling Marine Services.   She is excited to grow this part of the business and introduce a new line of products to the Pacific Northwest to help with noxious weeds.

SMR has become the West Coast distributor for Aquascreen Bottom Barriers. Aquascreen is a PVC coated fiber woven into a mesh style mat.  It stops sunlight from feeding the growth of the invasive weeds while allowing microorganisms and gasses to move from sediment to water.

Our other services include herbicidal treatments, mechanical harvesting, mapping, and research services.  We offer the residential markets with packages specifically designed to remove and maintain un wanted growth.

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