Sterling Marine Services Diver 26

Navy YTB Hull Cleaning and Inspection

Sterling Marine was contracted by a company located in the Marshall Islands to tow and birth two tug boats in a location where more work could be completed on the vessels. The vessels were towed from the Naval base located in Bremerton, WA to Ballard Oil in Seattle, WA. SMS divers then were sent to inspect and repair these two ex-navy YTB’s for their voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Crews diligently inspected each boat ensuring that everything was in good condition. Both vessels required heavy cleaning to remove the build up of marine growth that had been accumulated over the last three years.

Both vessels were built in the early 1970’s and are powered by a single Fairbanks Morse diesel engine with about 1200 H.P. These tugs were originally designed as yard tug boats and were used to move sub marines and other ships around Naval bases.

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