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Hull Cleaning

Puget Sound, Seattle, Diver, Sailboat, Race wipe, anodesWhether its a racing sailboat, go fast power boat, or a cruising yacht, your vessel will benefit if the bottom is cleaned.  Barnacles, Kelp, Algae, and mussels can grow on your vessel in as little as one month.   Your fuel consumption, speed, and overall performance can be hindered by bottom growth.  For the average cruising yacht we recommend cleaning your hull every 5-9 weeks. While we clean your hull we also inspect all running gear, thru hulls, and the overall condition to ensure it is in top condition. A discount is available when you set up a maintenance schedule.

For the racing sailor, we offer hard bottom and burnish friendly clean.   We cater our cleaning techniques to each individual vessel ensuring our tools and techniques not only protect the finish but better the finish with each clean!

Fleet discounts and frequent buyer discounts are available!  Please call our office for more information.






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