Anode Replacement

Sacrificial anodes, such as zinc, aluminum, and magnesium, are placed on key components of your vessel to help stop corrosion.  Without anodes your vessel is susceptible to galvanic corrosion.  We have the tools and experience to replace anodes on your shaft, thruster, transom, keel, rudder, or other odd applications. We stock a variety on zinc, magnesium, and aluminum anodes for all types of vessels.    We also work on Max-props and outdrives.

Sterling Marine offers a maintenance schedule for this service.   Leave the worry to us.   We keep track or burn rates and adjust your schedule to benefit you.

Sterling Marine can also help you choose the type and quantity of zincs for your vessel.  Over zincing is an issue, especially in the “hot” marinas around Seattle and we want to help you place the right number and type of anodes on your vessel based on its location and characteristics.


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