Gold Coast paint and sip classes are more popular than ever. Your high school art class is nothing like a Paint and Sip. This workshop and social gathering are rolled into one, as a wine-friendly artist leads you through the step-by-step process of reproducing a masterpiece. The painting serves as a primary focal activity as well as a discussion starter. However, the pressure is minimal, and the environment is relaxed and comfortable. Even while alcohol is an essential element of enjoying the paint and sip Gold Coast party, it is not a license to become absolutely wasted.

At the same time, virtual paint and sip Gold Coast nights have become more popular due to the ongoing worldwide epidemic.

They’re already a thing—virtual paint and sip Gold Coast nights are very real. You may interact with pals on social media while getting a glass of wine. Indeed, at Paint and Sip Live, we not only provide all of the tools necessary for a virtual paint night, but we even set up the party for you, so you can truly enjoy the paint-and-sip experience.

We’ll go through the best ways to have a great paint and sip Gold Coast night of your own.

Gather all of the necessary materials

Don’t worry if you have never painted before. In order to complete this task, you’ll need to acquire painting supplies.

You’ll definitely need all of the following if you plan on hosting a virtual paint and sip Gold Coast night:

Water for cleaning

You’ll find everything on this list at any art supply store. Walmart, Amazon, and comparable retailers all have it.

Allocating items, paint colors, and kits

Deciding on a Paint Color Always seek for student and artist-quality paint when selecting a paint color. For the most part, the student quality is fine for virtual paint and sip Gold Coast lessons. Paint for artists provides superior coverage and quality at a higher price. More pigment in paint creates better paintings, and it is easier to use. Deciding whether or not to overspend is completely up to you. If you buy a pre-built painting kit, you may expect below-average paint quality.

When it comes to choosing a paint size, acrylic paints available in 2oz to 32oz tubes. You only need to use a 2oz tube if you are putting up a single virtual paint class for yourself. People who have just started their art careers may be shocked to learn that a 2oz paint tube can really hold the equivalent of a gallon of paint. You’ll need to buy a larger bottle if you’re hosting folks for a virtual paint lesson.

Deciding on a colour 

The vast majority of acrylic paint kits contain between six and ten colors. You may get whatever color you need when you buy a 10-color paint kit since it includes white, black, yellow, orange, red, crimson, green blue, purple, and brown.

We are happy to mail a beginner’s painting kit to your location within a few days of you signing up for Paint and Sip Live classes. For beginners, our kits provide everything you need to get started painting.

Place the painting zone to get started

Paint and Sip Gold Coast live students, on the other hand, utilize their living room as their “studio”. About six easels may sit on an average dining room or kitchen table.

Placing your table in the center of the room maximizes the amount of usable space for guests.

Protect the table with a cloth. Position the easels and canvasses on the work area.

Make sure that all easels have a flat surface in front of them: no brushes, palettes, water glasses, or paper towels.

Teach at a specific location.

You need to set up the teaching area if you’re teaching the virtual paint and sip lesson yourself. Some folks stand in front of their living room so they can better monitor and manage their family life. The office setting may include an easel where a camera or webcam is aimed at the teaching zone.

In addition to these items, you’ll need an easel, a palette, brushes, a glass of water, and paper towels.

Many teachers have a visual aid, such as a painting, to go along with their lesson plans. What do you want to copy? A copy of the artwork or an original painting created by you may be used as a visual. students require a view to inspire them when they are working on a painting

Depending on the painting students’ ability, you may wish to sketch lines on the canvases before beginning painting. Before drawing a line, draw graphite lines on paper to help your pupils follow your line as you illustrate it. In addition, give traceable outlines and graphite paper to your pupils.

Stay hydrated by purchasing drinks

A paint and sip lesson requires some kind of beverage for safety reasons. If it’s simply a paint class, then it’s meaningless.

I truly enjoy virtual painting lessons because of the looser regulations for drinking alcohol. You may serve yourself as much as you wish – and in most in-person studios, inexpensive wine is served.

Adding a beverage completes your virtual art class experience, whether it’s beer, wine, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, or anything else.

Do I really need artistic experience?

Being an artist is completely unnecessary. We have a large collection of paintings suitable for all ability levels, and our talented painters are skilled at providing each of our customers with personalized instruction. Everyone is creative to some degree. No matter how long you’ve been painting or whether you’ve never picked up a brush, a Paint and Sip is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Here are some ideas on what to bring:

Everything you need for the lesson is provided to you, including paints, a canvas, and an apron. Clothing you don’t mind getting paint on is required. While you’re allowed to bring your own wine and beer. Alcohol use is only authorized for people who are 21 and older. Click here to read about Should you bring your kids to a Gold Coast paint and sip party?

Final thoughts

Now, you should have an idea of how to host a virtual paint and sip night in Gold Coast.